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Pretty Tips Polygel Nail Kit

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Enjoy flexible yet stronger, longer-lasting nails with this revolutionary all-in-one nail kit! It has the strong qualities of a hard gel and the flexibility of an acrylic nail! But ultimately, it’s LIGHTER than both of them!

The Pretty Tips Polygel Nail Kit is the recent product of research for a better, longer-lasting and more natural feel nail extension. 

    • Lighter and more natural feel than your usual nail extensions. It avoids that sometimes awkward feeling of having something on your nails.
    • Fast & easy nail extension so you can complete your nail routine a lot easier.
    • Get stronger nails than ever and imagine the convenience of not having to change up or your nails frequently. Zero worry about damaging nails while doing your regular activities.
    • Great selection of colors that will allow you to change up easily if you’re the type who likes different looks for different days.

Take your nail extensions to a new level and feel fabulous and confident with great-looking nails every time!


    1. Prep your natural nails
    2. Prepare polygel and put on nail mold/nail kit
    3. Form the gel on nail mold
    4. Press on the nail molder and cure it (30 seconds under LED Lamp or 2 minutes on UV lamp)
    5. Remove the mold
    6. Trim and shape the polygel nail
    7. Apply top coat and cure it
    Ingredients: Resin
    Net Weight: 30 ml.
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